Modular homes do not depreciate in value just because they are prefab. While modular homes are mobile – in that they are easy to transport and set up – they can be considered permanent fixtures once assembled. Modular homes are therefore regarded as buildings, with the relevant value attached.

This depends on when the modular home was built. Older modular homes are not regarded as favourably as properties built in the traditional way. However, newer modular homes are built to much higher standards, with design and security features which close the quality gap between modular and conventional housing. As such, they can provide an excellent return on investment. Modular homes are also faster to build than 100% site-built homes.

Home loans for modular homes are the same as those for site-built homes, but may be easier to get. This is because the upfront costs of modular homes are considerably lower, and they generally hold their value and have the same potential for appreciation as a site-built home.

Yes, permits are required for a modular home. Yet requirements can differ because every project is unique. While not all modular house projects require a planning permit, most projects require a building permit. A planning permit is issued by your local council, in accordance with a planning scheme. Contact the planning department of your local council to determine whether you will require a permit for your prefab home. We can also put you in touch with planning companies in Queensland and Victoria to assist with initial enquiries.

Sloping sites are no problem. Our modular home designs mean you may not even have to excavate and level the site. You can choose to purchase screw piles, or create a steel frame for the modules to sit on. These methods are a lot lighter on the land. Discuss with your builder for a more detailed assessment.

 Basic knowledge of the construction process and an owner builder licence is sufficient for most models. However, you will need a licensed plumber and electrician to issue certificates on final inspection.

Yes, on presentation of building address and a soil test from a geotech provider, at your cost.

Delivery to your site is included. All prices advertised are in AUD and include GST.

Exclusions are external plumbing, external electrical, construction and crane hire.

The professional trades you use to install your home will issue certificates on final inspection.

After you place your order, your modular home will take four to five months to arrive.  It takes around 50 days to manufacture your home, 45 days to ship it, seven days for customs clearance and seven days for delivery from the port, depending on location.

*Dates quoted for delivery may vary depending on shipping and logistics issues.

*Most models require seven days for installation.

 Our payment terms are a 50% deposit on ordering, 20% of the cost on shipping and 30% on delivery to site.