Movable units for home owners

Dependent person’s units are a great option for home owners that have a dependant person they want to live with them. Article Source : Also known as granny flats, demountables and transportables, they are a movable building that is on the same lot as an existing dwelling. There are a few ways you can… Continue reading Movable units for home owners

Secondary dwellings (granny flats)

Can I build and occupy a secondary dwelling (granny flat) while my main house is built? Source of article : Residents who need to rebuild their home may want to live on their land while construction of their new home is underway. Amendments have been made to facilitate a number of temporary accommodation options for… Continue reading Secondary dwellings (granny flats)

CDC Approval A Simple Guide Clarifying 12 FAQ’s

The mod pod

 Source of Article : Follow this useful guide from for everything you need to know about CDC approval, the application process and more! What is a Complying Development Certificate (CDC)? Put simply, a CDC is approval for development and combines planning and construction plans. A CDC is awarded when a development complies with pre-determined… Continue reading CDC Approval A Simple Guide Clarifying 12 FAQ’s