Movable units for home owners

Movable units for home owners

19 Apr

Dependent person’s units are a great option for home owners that have a dependant person they want to live with them.

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Also known as granny flats, demountables and transportables, they are a movable building that is on the same lot as an existing dwelling.

There are a few ways you can have a unit built on your property, you could:

  • Get a builder, architect, designer or draftsperson to help you design and build your unit. They will also help you with the building process
  • Buy a kit that you can assemble yourself or with the help of a handyman or builder. The kits can be off-the-shelf designs or customised to suit your needs.

Councils have conditions that must be met when applying for a permit to construct a dependent person’s unit. Conditions and rules vary between councils. It’s best to check with your local council about building codes, regulations, planning permits and the application process. This information is available on your local council’s website. You can also visit their office and talk to a planner – getting advice is free.

You will also need to check your certificate of title to make sure there are no restrictions or covenants on your property.

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